Mango Bok Choy Fried Rice

posted by RiceSelect on 6/23/2016

Post courtesy of Vegging At The Shore


I receive a weekly delivery of organic produce.  I unpack the box every Friday and lay everything out on the counter.  This helps me shape my menu for the upcoming week and often I get inspiration from what is next to each other.  In my last delivery I had some beautiful bok choy sitting next to a mango and that’s how this recipe came to be.  Fried rice is much like stir fry in that the most time-consuming part is prepping the ingredients but once you start cooking, it comes together quickly.  This vegan fried rice dish is quick, easy and most importantly, delicious!

I started off this recipe by cooking RiceSelect Texmati rice and then setting it aside while I prepped the rest of my ingredients.

Heat a wok and first cook the onion and bok choy for about 5 minutes.

Remove that from the pan and then cook some garlic and ginger in oil.  Slowly start to add the cooked rice, breaking it up as you add it to the pan.  Add the bok choy mixture back into the pan, add some wine and then soy sauce and sesame oil.

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