One Pan Healthy Paella

posted by RiceSelect on 4/13/2017

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OnePanHealthyPaellaWhen Tyler and I first started dating, he had just come back from a school trip to Europe. He kept going on and on about how delicious the food was in Spain, and how he had loved the paella. Now… I feel like I have to preface this by saying that I was a pretty boring eater before I met Tyler. I’m Italian and grew up eating Italian food. I didn’t really think I needed to try any other region’s cuisine…because let’s be real.. It’s going to be pretty hard to top pizza, pasta, chicken cutlets, homemade meatballs, tiramisu… you get what I mean right? Italians know how to cook, end of story! Naturally, when he mentioned paella I was wondering what the HECK he was talking about!

Being the awesome girlfriend that I am… I decided to do some research and see what all the hype about this dish was/if I could recreate it. After some googling- I found out that paella was a traditional, spicy Spanish dish, usually made with a mix of sausage, fish, and chicken. Minor problem.. I don’t eat fish and find chorizo too greasy… so it was up to me to muddle together my own recipe. I surprised him for dinner with it one night, and while I don’t think it will ever compare to what he ate in Spain – I’ve been making it for the past six years now and he still loves it.

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