Buffalo Chicken Arancini

posted by RiceSelect on 2/11/2016

Post courtesy of Martha Pesa

Buffalo chicken arancini is our favorite game day food without the mess.

Rice is a deliciously versatile food – and really – it is so much more than just a side dish! Why not make rice the star of your next meal with our recipe for Buffalo Chicken Arancini?Buffalo Chicken Arancini

Arancini are stuffed rice balls that are breaded and fried.  In today’s recipe, we put an updated spin on this classic Italian dish by stuffing our arancini with some zesty and flavorful shredded Buffalo chicken and bleu cheese.  Then, we served the rice balls alongside a wonderful blue cheese dipping sauce and celery sticks – plus some additional Buffalo sauce on the side.

These Buffalo Chicken Arancini are filling and delicious, and a meal your entire family will love!

The key to successfully making arancini is to choose the right type of rice – Arborio – when preparing your rice balls.  Arborio is an Italian short grain rice that is firm, creamy and chewy when cooked – and it is the perfect consistency when making arancini as well as risotto.

For years, we’ve always chosen RiceSelect® brand Arborio rice anytime we make arancini at home.

When you buy any RiceSelect product – including the Arborio rice used on our recipe today – you can feel confident knowing that it comes from one of the most experienced and diversified rice producers in the world.

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