Curry Risotto with Baked Salmon Recipe

Creamy curry risotto serves as a gorgeous base for crispy baked salmon in this crowd-pleasing meal. Prepare for a weeknight dinner or as a delectable date night meal.

Bangkok Rice & Shrimp Salad Recipe

Add exotic flavor to your menu with this Thai-inspired Bangkok Rice and Shrimp Salad using aromatic Jasmati® Rice, basil and coconut milk.

Garlicy Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

Topped with fried garlic, this assortment of vegetables, egg and tamari are stir-fried with fluffy Texmati® White Rice for an incredible tasting fried rice recipe. The entire family will enjoy...

Royal Blend Grain Bowl

Make the most out of seasonal ingredients by savoring this meal-prep friendly grain bowl by Molly Cleary Chanzis at @sayyestothefreshh. Start off with a base of kale and RiceSelect®...

Build-Your-Own Rice Bowl Board Recipe by The Baker Mama

Create and enjoy your own Rice Bowl Board with the help of this RiceSelect® Pantry Improvisation Recipe courtesy of @TheBakerMama.

Royal Blend® Rice Pilaf Recipe

Make your rice pilaf recipe more flavorful and eye-catching with an incredible mix of Royal Blend® Rice. It’s simple yet vibrant and delicious to serve as a side dish or...

Roasted Seven Vegetable Couscous Recipe

This fresh take on a classic Moroccan vegetable dish is roasted instead of stewed for loads of rich and yummy flavor. Serve over a bed of light and fluffy RiceSelect®...

Lentil & Turmeric Pearl Couscous Soup Recipe

This soothing pearl couscous soup is as comforting as a classic bowl of chicken soup. Loaded with vegetables, spices like turmeric, and hearty lentils, this filling dish is savory and...

Classic Italian Risotto Recipe

Simple, rich and creamy, this classic Italian risotto recipe is made with traditional arborio rice perfumed with dry white wine, simmered in broth and accented with butter and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

Spring Greens Risotto Recipe

With a bounty of spring vegetables, this primavera risotto is made with Arborio rice and finished with a fresh dandelion pesto for rich, complex flavors that are sure to please...

Mushroom Risotto

Bring Italian tradition to your family’s holiday table by whipping up this traditional Mushroom Risotto recipe by Abby Krueger at @thebalancedwhisk. Top with sliced sun-dried tomatoes and a dollop...

Summer Lobster & Corn Risotto Recipe

With sweet corn and decadent lobster, this luscious risotto made with Arborio rice is an explosion of summer flavors.