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The essential ingredient for crafting new flavors and revisiting old classics, Arborio Rice is the perfect accompaniment to any exploration of flavor and has the ability to absorb flavors right into the grain. With RiceSelect, you can elevate your meal with several cooking tips and exciting recipes to ensure unforgettable dishes.

Find your next favorite risotto recipe, like our spring-time favorite Spring Greens Risotto, featuring RiceSelect® Arborio Rice today!

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Benefits of Cooking With Organic Rice and Grains

Royal Blend® Rice provides an enchanting aroma & sophisticated texture that distinguishes every bite.

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What is RiceSelect's Signature Line?

RiceSelect®’s Signature Line consists of three gluten-free rice blends:

Texmati® Rice is an aromatic rice that’s a cross between American long-grain white or brown rice and a Basmati to create a unique rice varietal.

Jasmati® is our unique take on Jasmine rice.

Royal Blend® rice is a blend of four rices: Texmati® White, pre-cooked brown, wild and Thai red rice.

Are RiceSelect® products Non-GMO and Kosher?

Yes, all of our Rice, Couscous, Orzo, and Quinoa varieties are Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Kosher by Star-K.

How do I cook Signature Line Rice Blends?

Each one of our Signature Line Rice Blends are designed for your signature taste. Click the variety that speaks to you for instructions on how to prepare: Texmati®, Jasmati®, or Royal Blend®.

Handy tip: if you’re cooking our original and organic rice blend, add in 1 minute of cooking time to soften up the grains further.

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