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There's more to a meal than what you put on your plate! Cooking is an act of curiosity and self-expression, and creating something unique is important. Get inspired and make your menu more adventurous. Start by preparing a luxurious risotto recipe, a mouth-watering sushi roll, or an indulgent rice pudding.

Elevate your culinary skills by going beyond our exceptional rice grains. The versatility of quinoa will help you to cook up a wide range of uniquely nutty dishes, orzo will give you the opportunity to enjoy more Mediterranean ingredients, while couscous will soak up the flavors of all things delicious! No matter which variety you select, RiceSelect® will help you make meals that stand out!

Foodie Recipes

Mushroom Risotto Recipe

Prepared with beef broth, this aromatic risotto made with Arborio rice and both fresh and dried mushrooms is finished with rich Gruyère cheese.

Dulce De Leche Rice Pudding Recipe

This creamy Dulce De Leche Rice Pudding is made with Riceselect® Arborio Rice for an extra rich and luscious texture.

Miso Black Rice Bowl Recipe

With nutty premium black rice and a rich miso dressing, this stunning power bowl tastes as good as it looks. To make completely vegan, leave out the egg.

Seasonal Recipe Favorites

Designed for Your Signature Taste!

Raise your culinary experience by using the only rice, quinoa and pasta that were designed to be delicious. RiceSelect offers a trustworthy and high-quality line of products that are essential for crafting unforgettable meals.

Craft new flavors and revisit old classics like a rich risotto with RiceSelect® Arborio Rice or use our chef-approved Texmati® to add an aromatic taste and fluffy texture.

Elevate your next recipe with our pastas including Orzo, Moroccan Couscous and larger Pearl Couscous.

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With our tips, tricks and seasonal recipes, making the most of your meal time is at your fingertips. Elevate your kitchen game with the unique, premium and versatile flavors of RiceSelect® grains - recommended by home chefs and pro chefs alike!

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The World’s Most Exceptional Rice

If you enjoy the rich color and exquisite flavor of our RiceSelect® Discoveries™ Premium Black Rice, you're in luck! Our RiceSelect® Black Rice is now available in a 22 ounce jar so you can enjoy even more of those nutty grains you love. This gives home chefs the opportunity to serve up more helpings of unforgettable dishes!

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Making a difference, together.

At RiceSelect, we’re committed to sustainability—and that’s why we partnered with How2Recycle® to include easy-to-follow recycling instructions on our packaging. Nearly all RiceSelect® plastic jars can be recycled through curbside recycling programs in your community; just remove the lid and give them a second life in your recycling. Check your jar for more information and find out how you can help to build a more sustainable future.

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Get to Know Our Award-Winning Products

What is RiceSelect®’s Signature Line?

RiceSelect®’s Signature Line consists of three flavorful rice blends that are unique in quality and agricultural innovation. Designed specifically for those with judicious culinary standards, each boasts a distinct aromatic quality and textural uniqueness. As a result, they’ve become an essential option for professional chefs and serious home cooks alike.

Texmati® Rice is an aromatic rice that’s a cross between American long-grain white or brown rice and Basmati rice to create a unique rice varietal.

Jasmati® is our unique take on traditional Jasmine rice.

Royal Blend® rice is a blend of four rices: Texmati® White, pre-cooked brown, wild, and Thai red rice.

Are RiceSelect® products Non-GMO and Kosher?

Yes, all of our Rice, Couscous, Orzo, and Quinoa varieties are Non-GMO Project Verified and Certified Kosher by Star-K.

How do I cook Signature Line Rice Blends?

Each one of our Signature Line Rice Blends are designed for your signature taste. Click the variety that speaks to you for instructions on how to prepare: Texmati®, Jasmati®, or Royal Blend®.

Handy tip: if you’re cooking our original and organic rice blend, add in 1 minute of cooking time to soften up the grains further.

Is RiceSelect Rice Gluten Free?

All of our rice and quinoa products are naturally and Certified Gluten Free, except for our Whole-Grain Royal Blends, which feature gluten because wheat and barley ingredients are included.

Are Jasmati® and Texmati® the same as Basmati Rice?

Texmati® is pleasantly aromatic and made from an agricultural hybridization of long-grain white rice and traditional Basmati rice.

Jasmati® is similarly inspired by the aromatic flavor of Thai jasmine rice and long-grain white rice. It beckons with an intoxicating aroma, exquisite texture and pronounced-yet-subtle flavor.

Are Orzo and Couscous Rice Grains?

No, they are not. Unlike rice and quinoa, Orzo, Moroccan Couscous, and Israeli Pearl Couscous are pasta made from durum wheat semolina.

How Do I Make Sticky Rice?

Using our Discoveries™ Premium Sweet Sticky Dessert Rice making the best homemade sweet rice is easier than ever.

What you’ll need: With a rice to water ratio of 1:1, start with 1 cup of rice with 1 cup of water: First, soak the rice in cool water for 15 minutes, then drain. Bring 1 cup of water to a boil and stir in rice. Cover; reduce heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and fluff with a fork.

Tip: Alternatively, other cooking liquids can be used instead of water such as coconut milk, almond milk or any other plant-based milk variety.

How do I make an unforgettable risotto using Arborio rice?

Here’s an expert tip: great risotto texture comes from gradually stirring small amounts of hot stock (or broth) into the rice as it cooks. This process, called the “Risotto Method” allows the liquid to be absorbed progressively, resulting in the signature creamy, velvety consistency that people associate with great risotto. It’s an iconic texture derived from Northern Italy, where they call it “al ondo,” which translates “to the wave.”

While we’re on the subject of texture, the Arborio rice grains themselves should be cooked al dente (more Italian!) for a toothsome bite.

Our Classic Italian Risotto is the perfect recipe to practice mastering the basics of the Risotto Method. Simple, yet indulgent, this recipe is magnificent on its own, while also functioning as an essential base for creating other risottos.

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