Gluten Free Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Corn Risotto

posted by RiceSelect on 8/21/2015

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Rice deserves respect… main dish respect.  Create an unforgettable meal with this Gluten Free Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Corn Risotto!

People. I’m guilty. Like really guilty. I don’t know why I neglect rice the way I do. It’s delicious… and way under-utilized in my kitchen. Kinda like me spending so much time on the bench for my basketball team when I was a kid. Way under-utilized.

Oh wait. I was a short fat kid that couldn’t run or jump. Makes sense actually.

But rice. It’s got everything going for it. Super versatile. Liked by virtually every cuisine on the planet. And yet there it is, in my pantry, not getting any love. And when it does, it’s an after-thought. A silly little side dish or just a filler I use to pile the main attraction on top of.

It’s time to Rethink Rice.  And that time is now.  Who’s with me?  (this is the point when you all let out a collective “ooh-rah,” which signals me that you are indeed with me and on my side).

Thank you.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to finally try making risotto. I love risotto in restaurants. It transforms rice into this creamy, luscious superstar of a meal… and guess what? It’s really not as hard as someone along the line may have scared you into thinking.

The key is to have your ingredients prepped and ready to go. You can do this. I believe in you

And let’s talk about ingredients. This isn’t some ordinary boring risotto. Put on your big boy pants, because I’m bringing some serious flavor to this party. I’m talking about corn. Bacon.CheeseShared-Appetite_2. And… are you ready? A perfectly poached egg with that glorious runny yolk. It adds an extra layer of creamy luxury to the risotto.

Everyone always boasts that bacon makes everything better (it does). But so does a runny yolk. It’s true. Google it (don’t).

Little secret? I actually didn’t poach my egg. I used my new sous vide kitchen toy. It’s so much fun and gives you super precise eggs every time (I do mine for 13 minutes at 75C). But don’t fret about that… just go with a regular poached or even sunny-side egg. The key is a runny yolk.

You need that runny yolk.

Oh, and did I mention jalapeno?

Yup, that’s right. This risotto was totally done up right with the RiceSelect Arborio Blend™ with Jalapeno. It gives the risotto that signature creamy texture plus a little kick I crave. Of course, you can use their regular Arborio rice as well, but I personally love a bit of heat. That’s just how I roll.

RiceSelect produces a great line-up of rice… Arborio, Arborio Blend™ with Jalapeno, Arborio Blend™ with Mushrooms, and their signature Texmati® White Rice. I’m thinking you can make some crazy savory risottos with that mushroom one… it’s next on my list.

Something I really, really dig about RiceSelect?  It’s grown, milled, and packaged right here in the USA and have no GMO’s. I’ll repeat. No GMOs!

You can grab RiceSelect at select grocery stores and if you are one of those online shoppers (I totally am, as my bank statement surely tells me every month), right here.

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