Mexican Burgers with Adobo Sauce

posted by RiceSelect on 4/23/2017

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Excuse me while I wipe my chin…..

I just finished up one of these monsters and boy was it good!chipotle-veggie-burger

I am no stranger to veggie burgers. I have a couple of awesome ones on the blog already, like my White Bean Artichoke Burgers and my Vegan Black Bean Burgers with Lime, but one can never have too many veggie burger recipes up their sleeve, am I right? Plus it’s my first rice-based burger. Why have I never thought of using brown rice in burgers before? It is just wonderful! It gives great grainy texture on the inside and even better, crispy, chewy texture on the outside once they are cooked up. It kind of goes nubbly and nutty in a way that no other ingredient in a veggie burger would.

Look at that post-saucing gorgeousness!

Need I go on?

They are really easy to make too and a wonderful way to use up leftover cooked brown rice. Tell me I’m not the only one who always cooks too much rice? I usually use leftovers in my Brussel’s Sprout & Cashew Fried Rice but to have another extremely tasty option is just perfect as it happens all too often.

Leftover rice will never be an issue again with these babies burning a hole in your computer screen. You just NEED to make them!

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