One Pot Garlic & Herb Chicken and Rice

posted by RiceSelect on 4/23/2017

Post courtesy of The Brooklyn Cook

Have you ever gotten to the point where you feel like you’ve spoiled your diet by eating too much junk food and need to detox and eat healthy for a bit? Well I am SO there right now. I love being a food blogger and would love to make it my full time job, but the one thing I really dislike is how much weight I’ve gained after making so many delicious treats. It’s a necessary evil in this line of work but I was so happy to partner with RiceSelect recently and use their Texmati Brown Rice to create not only a healthy meal, but a delicious One Pot Garlic and Herb Chicken and

Healthy has the connotation of bland, which is unfortunate because this is anything but. I use RiceSelect a lot in my cooking and I choose to use them because their rice is aromatic and flavorful. If I’m limiting sugary treats, I need to make sure I’m eating something just as delicious. I also really like their Texmati Brown Rice because unlike some other varieties of brown rice that take forever to cook, this was done in a similar amount of time to white rice. Work has been crazy lately, so anything to make dinner easier is amazing.

If you read my blog regularly, you know how obsessed I am with Dutch oven cooking and one pot meals. They make my life so much easier. A lot of New Yorkers don’t cook at home because life here is so hectic and ordering in is by far the easier route. Since I started blogging, I cook more than I ever have and I love it. Making one pot meals like this has made my life easier. I don’t know when they became a “thing” but it’s definitely here to stay.

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