Sesame Salmon Bowls

posted by RiceSelect on 4/13/2017

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I’m all up on these build-a-bowl recipes lately, can you tell? You know the drill: leftovers on top of. And this sesame salmon bowl is no different – super simple to throw together, but huuuuge on flavor. The hardest (and most time-consuming thing) is really just waiting for the rice to cook. For the WIN.

After I started eating mostly paleo and doing a bunch of gut-healing protocols back in 2012, I cut out rice for a looooong time. Like 3 years. It’s really common to cut out all grains (yep, that includes quinoa, rice and corn) in addition to gluten, dairy, legumes, soy, and sometimes even nuts and eggs as part of gut-healing diets because they all have potentially inflammatory protein structures in them, which, if you have leaky gut, can get through your intestines (where they’re supposed to be absorbed and digested) and into your bloodstream, which your body perceives as a foreign invader and creates an autoimmune response, creating inflammation throughout the body.SesameSalmonBowl

When your gut is all healed up and you’re pretty healthy (as I am now, woot!), some grains and not-totally-strict-paleo carbs can be safe starches for people – think white rice (YES, you read that right), brown rice, quinoa, and white potatoes. I know what you’re thinking – aren’t we supposed to be avoiding the white stuff?? Here’s the thing – if you’re an athlete, running/swimming/training/crossfitting 5-6x a week, YOU WILL BE JUST FINE eating some white rice/potatoes. In fact, depending on your training load, it can be really beneficial for you to get a good whack of carbs in after your training session, to help you refuel and recover, to come back stronger for the next one.

Having a heavy training load and NOT getting enough carbs can be a serious detriment to your recovery, performance, and health. See my most recent post on Adrenal Fatigue for more about that! And I ain’t trying to go down that road again (slash I’m trying to get strong as fffff) SO a couple months ago I started adding different kinds of rice back in. Results? AWESOME. Energy through the roof, performing better in workouts, lifting heavier loads, for the WIN.

So this week I’m teaming up with my friends at RiceSelect to bring you guys one of my favorite rice bowl recipes that I’ve been making on repeat lately – I actually mixed the brown rice together with cauliflower rice, to get even more veggies in there. This bowl is PACKED, you guys. Nutrient-dense greens on the bottom, topped with rice and cauliflower rice, sautéed veggies, nori (seaweed for iodine and thyroid support!), sesame seeds, and hot sauce for a punch of flavor! You can easily sub the veggies in here (sautéed snap peas and carrots) for my Asian Sautéed Kale, if you have that on hand too!

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