Summer Rice Salad

posted by RiceSelect on 7/09/2016

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Fragrant rice, grilled corn, fresh blueberries and juicy tomatoes make this Summer Rice Salad a super flavorful side dish for any summer picnic or BBQ. You can have the leftovers for lunch too!Summer Rice Salad

When we were kids, our mom used make the most simple, yet delicious rice salad. I remember getting super excited every time I saw her preparing it, because it was one of my very favorites. The funny things is, it only had 3 ingredients: rice, corn and peas. Dressed with a super tangy lemon, olive oil and grain mustard dressing. As simple as her salad is, it requires two things to turn out right :

Good quality rice

The rice has to be cooked to perfection, so it’s light, fluffy and loose and not a sticky mess (we’ve learned that from experience!!)

Somehow our mom always managed to prepare the perfect salad. She’s always had a somewhat innate “magic touch” when it comes to rice. Something she didn’t really pass on to us… but after working on it enough we’ve gotten pretty close 😉 We love to experiment with different varieties of rice. Each one of them is a different world! They’re all unique as far as flavor and cooking method, and that definitely keeps our rice recipes interesting.

Like this one!

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