Vegetarian Yellow Curry

posted by RiceSelect on 4/21/2017

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Many years ago, while attending college, I spent my birthday away from family and birthday traditions. I was worried my birthday would be a big let-down without the usual festivities, so instead, I decided to do go totally wild and do what I wanted.  That meant getting takeout from my favorite Thai restaurant, and eating it on the couch while I watched a movie (I am obviously a total wild child…).  It was a memorable birthday, because it was exactly what I needed to celebrate that birthday. Vegetarian Yellow Curry

The Thai dish that I got that day (and always get, actually) was a yellow curry with potatoes, onions, chicken and carrots, and it was divine.  Then I moved far away from that Thai place, and had to recreate it on my own.  I tried a number of recipes, went through many packets of yellow curry paste, and even made my own curry paste a few times.  None of them was quite right.

This one isn’t a total copy either (maybe one day I will figure out how they make theirs’ so sublime), but this recipe is marvelous!  I love that it is vegetarian (or not, if you like meat), and that you don’t have to have a yellow curry paste packet to make it.  Feel free to increase the amounts of any of the spices that you wish, because that is part of the fun of curry.  It is surprisingly playful and typically pretty forgiving.

I also took this curry up one more notch by serving it with RiceSelect Texmati Brown Rice.  It is a very good brown rice. I typically think brown rice leaves something to be desired, but this was really a lovely, hearty rice.  As I have become more and more environmentally conscious, buying ‘Grown in the USA’ products has become much more important to me.  I love that Texmati rice is actually produced in Texas, and non-GMO, so I feel great about eating it.  It also holds its shape really well, and doesn’t go all mushy after sitting for 10 minutes like many types of rice.  Hooray for non-soggy rice!

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