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New Owner For RiceSelect®

We are pleased to announce that the RiceSelect® division has been sold to Riviana Foods/New World Pasta, a division of Ebro North America. We remain a completely intact entity where RiceSelect® now operates under the auspices of the #1 rice and #2 pasta company in the world. This is a classic win-win scenario for everyone involved, as 100% of RiceSelect® employees remain with us.

But most importantly, Riviana/New World Pasta recognizes the value of the way we go to market and our very loyal and discriminating consumers. We are very optimistic that this new relationship will enhance our commitment to quality and sustainability. The RiceSelect® staff is very proud of where we started and the prestigious company we now keep. We hope you agree and will remain committed to our brands, because your support remains a critical part of our success.

Mark Denman
Chief Operating Officer