“I love making people feel great using food” - Chef Jordan Andino

With his positive energy, winning smile and incredible skill in the kitchen, Chef Jordan Andino has and is continuing to take the culinary world by storm. This multifaceted chef and TV personality impacted the New York City culinary scene in 2015 when he opened his Filipino Taqueria, Flip Sigi, which has since expanded to Jersey City and Chicago. However, you may also recognize him for his work as the host of Food Network’s Late Night Eats or as a judge on Easter Basket Challenge. Perhaps you might also know him based on his TV appearances on shows such as Chopped, Beat Bobby Flay, and Rachael Ray, but you’ll soon see him as host on Netflix’s new series, Cook At All Costs airing December 16. Despite the current buzz around him, Chef Jordan has humble beginnings and has paved his own path in the culinary world.

Chef Jordan Andino and RiceSelect®

At RiceSelect®, we are proud to be partnering with Chef Andino as he finds new flavorful ways to bring our signature grains to life with indulgent recipes inspired by international cuisine and comforting flavors. Combining his classical fine-dining training, international upbringing, and diverse culinary experiences, he shares his knowledge and experience with home chefs to transfer that empowering feeling of accomplishment in the kitchen at home.

Honing His Unique Culinary Style

From the young age of 9, Chef Andino learned from his father and quickly developed a love for food and cooking. His curiosity continued and brought him to Cornell University to study in the School of Hotel Administration. Later, he honed his craft by acquiring training and experience while working at internationally acclaimed Michelin star restaurants like The French Laundry, Spago, and Jean Georges.

A Toronto native, Chef Andino has accumulated knowledge and skill from the culinary scenes of California and New York to develop his own signature style — Classic Filipino and South Eastern Asian flavors with French and Italian technique. Taking those elements, Chef Andino’s Flip Sigi restaurant came to life and offers his signature dish: Sinigang Beef with Coconut Rice Bowl.

Chef Andino’s Advice For Home Chefs

So, when asked what advice he would give home chefs, he answered — “practice makes perfect.” Of course, at RiceSelect®, we know that true foodies don’t become masters in the kitchen by accident. The pursuit of perfection is a conscious effort through trial and error, research, and persistence. Sometimes the key is finding a guide from the culinary world that can offer guidance, inspiration, and validation.

A Quick Tip for Home Chefs: One quick tip he offers when it comes to making the perfect Filipino Rice dish is to first mince garlic, fry it in oil and mix it into some freshly made aromatic Jasmati® Rice.

Where Does Chef Andino Get His Creativity?

His restaurant Flip Sigi is famously known as being the perfect introduction to Filipino tastes, textures and traditions in an environment that reflects his personality: fun, vivacious and high energy. After all, bringing people together with delicious food is what he does.

Using his classic culinary training and experience, Chef Andino draws inspiration from his Filipino family roots including his father’s teaching and grandmother’s soulful home cooking to create his own unique style. And more than simply sharing flavorful and healthy recipes, he brings a larger community together that offers their own stories through meals.

Filipino Pride

Looking to the future, Chef Andino strives to be a ‘guiding light and positive example’ for Filipinos all over the world. With his humble beginning, he uses his platform to show love and support for the Asian community and the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) sector.

Chef Recipe Inspiration At Home

His Texmati® Filipino Fried Rice recipe is a seemingly simple combination that packs a powerhouse of flavor. He starts with a base of RiceSelect® Texmati® White Rice and fish sauce, offering umami taste in every bite along with savory longanisa sausage, sautéed vegetables and soy sauce.

We are excited and proud to be working with Chef Jordan Andino, so make sure you continue to follow us in the coming months for more meal ideas like this Israeli couscous recipe or this recipe for shrimp salad with tips & tricks to serve up something unforgettable! Look for all this goodness coming your way inspired by the versatility and premium taste of RiceSelect®! Stay tuned with us at @riceselect on social media and on our website riceselect.com.