Sustainability is a topic on everyone’s mind at the moment but what exactly does it mean? The simple answer is that it means awareness of the impact of our consumption on the world and working to reduce it. We live on a planet that has sustained human life for millenia and it's our responsibility to ensure we do our part in sustaining it.

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding sustainability is that it requires a lot of work and that means cutting down on many of our favorite things in life, but this isn’t the case at all. Living sustainably is easy. Simple changes go a long way and the process of making your household more sustainable can be fun!

How to Consume Responsibly: Keys to Sustainability

1: Be a Conscientious Consumer

Being a conscientious consumer is easier than it sounds. One of the first steps to achieving this is to know your packaging. Always check the packaging of the products you’re purchasing to ensure they are 100% recyclable and BPA free. At RiceSelect® we are committed to upholding values of sustainability and that’s why all our products meet these standards.

2: Shop for Local Produce

Nowadays, it’s not always clear where the food we consume comes from. Once again, it’s important to pay attention to the finer details of your purchase. Always check the label to see where the product originated from. The less distance a product has to cover the better, as this means it leaves less of a carbon footprint behind on our planet. That’s why at RiceSelect® we offer a wide selection of grains that are grown milled and packaged in the United States. What’s more, consuming locally produced food is a great way to support your local economy.

3: Reuse Old Packaging

Most of us are aware of the importance of recycling, but did you know that reusing is another great way to live more sustainably? There are many ways to reuse and repurpose RiceSelect® jars when you’re done with them. Just take a look at this cool video to see how our jars can take on a second life after you’re done with them!


4: Plant-based Meals

Incorporating more plant-based meals into your weekly meal routine is a great way to make your household more sustainable. Not only that, it’s also a terrific opportunity to experiment with more flavors in the kitchen. Dazzle your fellow diners with this Forbidden Rice and Greens Pilaf. Made with RiceSelect® Black Rice and a range of fresh, vegetables, it works perfectly as a side or main dish. Alternatively, why not take a classic dish like risotto and give it a plant-based twist. Made with vegan butter and vegetable broth, this Plant-based Risotto is just as creamy and sumptuous as the original dish that inspired it!

5: Shop Organic Products

Recent times have seen a significant rise in the popularity of organic foods derived from cultivation processes that are natural and work in harmony with the environment. The benefits of cooking with organic ingredients are vast, that’s why at RiceSelect® we provide a whole range of organic rice and couscous products in line with our commitment to a more sustainable future.

6: Cook with Seasonal Ingredients

This might seem simple but it’s hugely important. Cooking according to season allows us to rely less on imported products, and thus reduce our carbon footprint. It’s also a great way to mark the passing of the seasons, just as our ancestors would have, with meals synonymous with the moments we cherish as we journey through the year.

7: Transform your Leftovers

There’s simply no reason to discard your leftovers after your meals. Not only is it a waste of your hard work and creativity, but also a vital resource of our planet. Every ounce of food we consume has a sophisticated cultivation process behind it, which in turn can take its toll on our environment. What’s more, leftovers provide opportunities to show off your improvisation skills as a home chef. For instance, why not take that leftover rice and turn it into a delicious Italian Soup. Alternatively, if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, this delectable Dulce de Leche Rice Pudding will make exquisitely good use of that leftover rice.

Sustainability and You

Sustainability is not just a buzz word or a trending topic, it’s a way of life, a step forward. Life is something to be lived and enjoyed and food is at the heart of that enjoyment. At RiceSelect® we believe that food is something the brings people together from all cultures, creeds and walks of life. That’s what makes it such a great starting point for sustainability.