For me, cooking is an experience, even on weeknights. I love putting on some of my favorite cooking music, more often than not jazz, and preparing something that I can enjoy and know will nourish me and my family. To do that, I always choose the best quality ingredients, even down to my essential pantry items like grains. In fact, you’ll almost always find a varietal or two of organic grains on my shelf — ready to unlock layers of your culinary creativity at any moment.

I’ve decided to embrace the importance of higher quality food choices and environmental sustainability. After all, I can also make a difference in what I choose to support – and so do you!

Which Organic Rice and Grains Do I Choose?

When in doubt, I always choose RiceSelect®, because I can trust that their products are Certified Organic by USDA, Non-GMO Project Verified and they have a wide variety of grain products starting with their specialty proprietary Texmati® White and Brown Rice to Arborio Risotto Rice and even a few varieties of Couscous.

I may not always be able to find the best quality produce, but I can choose to always have craftsmanship and sustainability alongside luxury at my side with RiceSelect®. I’ve put together a few more reasons that I choose organic over conventional products, that ultimately make it worth it for me and everyone I’ve shared this with.

3 Benefits of Using Organic Grains

1. A Sustainable Choice: Better for the Environment

As USDA organic products are farmed using above and beyond practices, they not only help the environment but also what goes on my plate. I consider using organic rice to be a simple and smart way to implement sustainable actions in my daily life, do you?

And one of the best things about using RiceSelect® products is that I know product safety is a priority for them and their grains come in 100% Recyclable BPA free jars that can be reused for planting herbs at home, food storage and much more.

When it comes to my meals, I know I can always have organic grains on hand, but I may not always be able to buy organic produce. So, I put my efforts toward other areas:

  • I always try to purchase in-season and local fruits and vegetables. As it is not imported, the food doesn’t have to travel long distances so I can support local farmers and enjoy fresher ingredients that are picked at their optimal ripe time for more natural vitamins and nutrients.

  • I also grow my own vegetable garden and herbs in pots and soil. A simple and effective way to get fresh ingredients on your plate is to cultivate them at home using seeds and soil in pots and my backyard garden. Fruit and vegetable scraps can also be used to create new plants with a bite of care.

Tip: If you don’t have enough space for a backyard garden, use potted plants on a balcony or windowsill with sufficient sunlight.

If you find pleasure in cooking with the best possible ingredients, you will also find joy in growing your own tomatoes and basil, to make a simple Caprese Rice Salad using fresh mozzarella and organic Texmati® White Rice. As a simply sophisticated combination, it’s also an incredible canvas for adding in herbed pesto or other vegetables from your garden.

If I want something a little more rich and hearty, I use local mushrooms I find at my farmers market to make a Mushroom Risotto. With a base of RiceSelect® Organic Arborio Rice, and fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary, parsley and chives, it just doesn’t get any better than homegrown and home cooked.

2. Non-GMO Project Verified

Another benefit of using RiceSelect® products is that they are Non-GMO Project Verified. That term tends to get thrown around a bit, but it really means that products are produced without genetic engineering and the ingredients are not derived from GMOs. Right alongside sustainable farming, I know the products are high quality and high value with natural complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

When I share meals with friends or family, I can trust that the dishes I make are of a higher caliber. My favorite dinner idea for guests is this Holiday Couscous Salad with an organic touch substituting in RiceSelect® Organic Pearl Couscous or Organic Tri-Color Pearl Couscous.

And, quality products don’t have to be synonymous with savory concoctions, this Creme Brulee Rice Pudding proves you can make it sweet too. RiceSelect®’s own Jasmati® Organic White Rice offers an exquisite texture and pronounced-yet-subtle flavor, so it’s perfect for a luscious, rich, and creamy rice pudding.

3. Ideal For a Variety of Lifestyles

Cooking from scratch is my ideal style of cooking. I feel as though I’m a conductor creating a beautiful symphony of flavors. And I know that whatever meal I choose or whomever I’m feeding, there is a RiceSelect® product I can use in my orchestra of ingredients. Perfect for any guest, all RiceSelect® Organic products are:

  • Certified Organic by USDA

  • Certified Kosher by Star K

  • Non-GMO Project Verified

  • Vegan and vegetarian

  • Free of preservatives or additives and low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium

Meat-Free Meal Ideas

When I’m entertaining different guests or wanting to use a little less meat in my meals, this vegetarian Seven Vegetable dish served over RiceSelect® Organic Couscous is a completely meat-free, vibrant, and flavorful blend drizzled with a homemade Tahini Za'atar Dressing.

Gluten-Free Diet

When I need a Gluten-Free and dairy-free meal for myself or guests, these whole-grain Mexican Burgers with Adobo Sauce are amazingly flavorful using RiceSelect® Texmati® Brown Rice served with Gluten-Free buns to enjoy!

Recipes with Organic Meat

However, if I do choose to incorporate meat, I look for grass-fed beef or organically raised chicken. That is especially true when I’m making this Chicken Shawarma Turmeric Couscous Salad with my choice of RiceSelect® Organic Pearl Couscous along with homegrown cherry tomatoes and herbs served with halloumi, tahini dressing and hummus. A wonderful Pearl Couscous recipe is always a treat for my table.

When I use RiceSelect® Organic products, I find that I receive more than expected. They allow me the freedom to experience and create meals using amazingly true and humble yet delicious ingredients knowing that I am serving a quality base of grains. Learn more about all of the wide variety of products they offer including orzo pasta and share your experiences of spontaneous brilliance and unforgettable meals with me! If you are looking for a delicious dinner options try our salmon risotto.