“I like the quality of Texmati rice. I use brown basmati rice, white basmati rice, arborio rice, and couscous. I just find the flavor fantastic.” - Ina Garten

For foodies and home chefs, one of the best ways to find inspiration for new and interesting recipes, products, and advice in the kitchen is to learn from the great culinary idols themselves! That’s why we at RiceSelect® are overjoyed when we find our favorite chefs, like Ina Garten, appreciate the quality of our products to make their beloved dishes at home and share with their fans.

If you haven’t already seen it, in an effort to celebrate rice in all its forms, a wonderful article from The Kitchen (The Rice Brand That Ina Garten Swears By) revealed that the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten, relies on Texmati® Rice as part of her go-to shelf staples! Turns out, for years she’s declared her love for this rice and other specially crafted RiceSelect® varieties.

With her joyful and comforting spirit, Ina’s fame, declared by The Kitchn as the Queen of Cookbooks, is well-deserved teaching home cooks how to elevate their own dishes to make others feel happy. We’re truly grateful that she relies on us to offer the very best. So naturally, we’d like to share a little bit more about what makes this chef-approved rice so unique. After all, what better way to tap into your inner chef than to use what the pros use.

What is Texmati®?

Texmati® Rice is a flavorful, unique hybrid grain that features a captivating aroma, unexpected texture, and welcoming nutty flavor making it the perfect rice for reinventing familiar flavors in bold, exciting ways!

An American agricultural hybridization of long-grain white rice and Basmati rice, using this rice is a way to support US business and locally sourcing your grains! And, its superb flavor and fluffy texture are an ideal complement to any meal. Undoubtedly, whether you choose white rice or whole grain Brown Rice variety, you can trust Texmati® will meet your culinary standards.

Reasons to Make Texmati® Rice a Pantry Staple

Follow along with us and raise your culinary experience by using grains that were designed to be delicious. It’s specifically crafted to elevate your next dish, making your meal even more interesting.


Recognized as one of the most aromatic rice varieties in the US, Texmati® Rice is named in countless recipes and cookbooks. If there’s one thing you can most definitely trust in the kitchen, it’s the opinion of world-renowned chefs and the products they recommend.

Don’t just take our word for it, like we said, kitchen experts like Ina Garten have it well-stocked on their shelves, with a few other RiceSelect® varieties for any occasion. In fact, the quality is so enjoyable she included within her recipe cookbooks and top essential ingredients!

So, why not do as chefs do and seek the best quality ingredients for high-class meals at home. Try it for yourself with something like a Wine Poached Halibut in a mixture of shallots, herbs and dry white wine alongside Texmati® with dandelion greens and Swiss chard served over a celery root puree.

American Grown

Considered to be an American-style Basmati rice, we take pride in developing locally sourced grains made in the USA. Trust us at RiceSelect® to offer the best quality, especially in our proprietary Texmati® and Jasmati® rice varieties which are innovative hybrids created in Texas. Our ultimate vision is to feed inspiration and emotion that goes into crafting unforgettable meals.

In true Tex-Mex style, make your own upgraded version of a classic like a Huevos Rancheros Rice Bowl using rice grown in America.

Original, Unique Flavor

As the first successful aromatic rice variety grown on US soil, it’s a unique flavor unlike any other! Some liken the captivating aroma to freshly popped popcorn with a winning nutty taste. Give your recipes that extra bit of unforgettable texture to really set your dishes apart. Not to mention, its quality lends to a wonderful flavor that enhances the overall meal.

Practically created to steal the show in rice pilaf, the wonderfully absorbent grains lend themselves perfectly to the fragrant herbs and stunning colors in this Persian-style Jeweled Rice with Dried Fruit and Nuts.

Sustainable Packaging

If there weren’t enough good things to say about RiceSelect®, the products also come in convenient 32-ounce BPA free recyclable plastic jars. Ideal for stacking, storing and reusing! The resealable screw-top lids also help to maintain freshness.

And the beauty of RiceSelect® is that it is completely accessible for anyone. If your go-to store isn’t fully stocked, find it online to ship, especially on Amazon.

Want to make more environmentally conscious decisions? Start by recycling and using the containers to plant herbs at home, store other foods and much more. Speaking of sustainability, with its long aromatic grains Texmati® is ideal for making fried rice dishes, which work wonders for using up leftover vegetables and decreasing food waste. Try an elevated version like this Garlicy Vegetable Fried Rice. Light and fluffy grains with all kinds of leftover vegetables in one tasty recipe.

Nowadays, with the abundant number of choices available when choosing food and ingredients, if you ever stop and think “What would the pros do?” — choose RiceSelect® of course. Expertly stocked by professional and home chefs alike it just seems to be the smart choice!

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