Any professional chef will tell you that cooking is a craft of labor and love that is learned through experimentation and creativity in the kitchen. Mastering any dish from a luxurious rice risotto to a dessert rice pudding takes time to perfect; It requires trial and error, research, and persistence.

A chef doesn’t simply become a chef overnight, they work at their craft and refine their taste and abilities over time. At RiceSelect®, we believe that true foodies can become skilled home chefs with the right guidance and the very best ingredients! We’ll show you how using our gourmet rice, quinoa and pasta can elevate any meal and offer you the opportunity to become a true home chef.

High Quality Chef-inspired Grains

The first step to becoming a better home chef is to use higher quality ingredients. Named in countless chef recipes and cookbooks, it’s no secret that RiceSelect is essential for raising your culinary standard. Just take it from Ina Garten herself who always keeps her shelves stocked with a variety of our RiceSelect products.


In fact, our varieties are as versatile as you! Whether you choose one of the world’s most exceptional rice varieties, one of our signature aromatic options like Texmati® or Jasmati®, or you prefer a grain blend that is fit for royalty, like our exquisite Royal Blend® Rice, you’re guaranteed the best quality rice!

To prepare a luscious dish of risotto, use the best quality Arborio Rice, or for an incredible sweet treat, use our Sweet Sticky Dessert Rice. Royal Blend® Rice offers an enchanting aroma and a sophisticated texture that distinguishes every bite. The traditional multi-grain mix is composed of proprietary Texmati® white, brown, wild and red rices.


Quinoa’s unmistakable chewiness, subtle flavor profile, and ease of preparation make it a phenomenal accompaniment to bold ingredients and experimental cooking techniques. Our Tri-Color Quinoa is visually striking and combines all three colors: red, white and black.


RiceSelect Orzo pasta offers enormous culinary potential made with 100% enriched durum semolina wheat. It’s the perfect pantry staple for delicious and filling elevated meals. Resembling large grains of rice, this small pasta is incredibly versatile when cooking and works as a base to create unforgettable flavors.


Extremely light and fluffy when cooked, and absorbing loads of flavor from cooking liquids and added ingredients, couscous is a convenient and beneficial starch that goes well with nearly everything! Try our RiceSelect Moroccan Couscous or larger Pearl Couscous. Find out everything you need to know about couscous in our guide.

Plating Tips

A well-known phrase throughout the culinary world is that we eat with our eyes first. Part of leveling up your cooking also refers to learning how to plate your dish in such a way that you can make it a multisensory event for your consumers. First start with sight, then smell, taste and even texture.

Experts in the kitchen will always plate their dishes to mirror the exquisite taste of their food. We’ve included a few tips to start upgrading your plating tips as well as your cooking:

  • Attempt to create height on the plate

  • Play with textures from sauces, and other ingredients in the dish

  • Use contrasting colors from sauces and meat, fish or vegetables

  • Choose the correct sized plate and color to match your meal

  • Serve smaller portion sizes

  • Use edible garnishes and decorations

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Put a Chef’s Touch in Your Cooking

If you want to get serious in the kitchen and truly level up your game, find more information in our cooking tips for home chefs section of the website and stay connected by following us on social media at @Riceselect.