World Vegan Month is in full swing and RiceSelect® is here to provide you with creative inspiration! Find recipes for a variety of vegan dishes, from hearty Veggie Burgers to creamy Rice Pudding to comforting Couscous. Elevate your dining experience and savor the artistry of plant-based cuisine like never before.

World Vegan Month History

In the fall of 1994, the President of the Vegan Society at the time, Louise Wallis, started a celebration of vegan lifestyle and culture. What began as World Vegan Day on November 1 of that year eventually blossomed into the commemoration we now know as World Vegan Month.

Substitutes for Meat

No meat, no problem! Nowadays, there are so many protein-rich alternatives available for vegans and vegetarians alike. Elevate your plant-based dishes with a variety of protein substitutes that pack a punch of flavor.

One of the most popular options is tofu, which is extremely versatile. Available in various textures–silken, soft, firm, and extra firm–this protein is created through a process akin to cheesemaking from curdled condensed soy milk. What sets tofu apart is its ability to absorb flavor from what it’s cooked in.

Our delicious recipe for Bang Bang Tofu Black Rice Bowls is a testament to tofu’s transformative potential. Crispy tofu coated in a sweet and spicy sauce is served over impeccably cooked rice and crisp, vibrant vegetables–with homemade tahini miso which introduces a creamy and nutty aspect to the dish. RiceSelect® Black Rice, distinguishable by its subtly nutty flavor and chewy texture, is the perfect canvas for the collage of flavors that this dish brings.

Expand your culinary repertoire this World Vegan Month with meat alternatives such as tofu, tempeh, and jackfruit (comparable to pulled pork). Our Pulled Jackfruit Burrito Bowl promises a hearty and satisfying meal with tropical flavors.

How to Make a Vegan Burger

Crafting a sublime vegan burger is an art form that all passionate home chefs will enjoy mastering. Our mouthwatering Grilled Veggie Burgers feature the wholesome goodness of Royal Blend® Rice, hearty black beans, an assortment of vegetables, and barbeque sauce. Vegan cheese and mayonnaise, skillfully incorporated into this burger, elevate it to a whole new level, with each bite in this satisfying creation serving as a testament to the richness of plant-based cuisine.

So why wait? Fire up the grill for an unforgettable family gathering or lively barbeque with friends as part of your Vegan Month celebration. Trust us, once you sink your teeth into these, you'll find yourself irresistibly drawn back for more. You’ll never turn to store-bought burgers again!

Meat-Free Moroccan Couscous

Prepare to be wowed by our rendition of the classic Moroccan dish: Roasted Seven Vegetable Couscous. Picture a fluffy bed of RiceSelect® Couscous, adorned with a vibrant medley of vegetables, and drizzled with a delicious Tahini Za’atar dressing. This blend of produce and wholesome pasta is as visually stunning as it is palate-pleasing.

You can always infuse your personal touch by swapping in your favorite vegetables, but our selection is particularly perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. Cooking with seasonal ingredients is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, reap the most nutritious benefits from your food, and celebrate the seasons.

As you savor each forkful, let the warm and aromatic notes transport you to North Africa. This dish embodies the essence of comfort and celebration, making it a perfect addition to your repertoire. RiceSelect® has several Couscous products so you can enjoy endless recipes with this glorious pasta year-round.

Meat-Free Versions of Classic Dishes

The possibilities are endless when it comes to turning classic dishes into vegan, or vegetarian, delicacies! Consider our exquisite Plant-Based Risotto or our decadent Vegan Cinnamon Cranberry Rice Pudding as shining examples. The almond and coconut milk makes this rice pudding a silky and indulgent treat. There are many delicious milk alternatives these days, and you can even create your own at home if you are feeling adventurous!

Dive into the creamy risotto, where RiceSelect® Arborio Rice takes center stage and highlights the seasonal flavors of butternut squash and sage. The introduction of nutritional yeast adds an enrichment of protein to make this a well-balanced meal.

Vegan Diet and Sustainability

Sustainability is at the forefront of the vegan movement. At RiceSelect®, we stand firmly in these values. Our commitment is evident in our choice of recyclable, BPA-free containers, and our range of organic products which provide you with options that align with your ethical and environmental principles.

The heart of veganism lies in the plant-based diet. Explore the treasure trove of recipes on our website as inspiration for endless herbaceous creations. You can also find dishes that highlight seasonal flavors, which benefit both your health and the local economy.

Our recent blog post offers several ways to practice sustainability, including the art of transforming leftovers. You can create inventive dishes by giving leftovers new life in soups, stir-fries, or desserts, which reduces food waste and allows you to treat yourself to a delightful encore of flavors.

RiceSelect® invites you to partake in this journey of sustainable living and mindful consumption, during World Vegan Month and beyond. Elevate your dining experience with our range of offerings and recipes, and let every meal be a tribute to the beauty of a plant-based lifestyle.