Let’s face it, there’s something about chocolate desserts that makes them irresistible. Whether they’re rich and creamy or soft and crumbly, the best chocolate dessert recipes are simply that bit more enticing. At RiceSelect®, we’re all about helping home chefs expand their repertoire of dessert dishes, and in this article, we’ll shine a light on a range of chocolate dessert recipes that are not only decadent and delicious but also unique and wholesome.

Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate

Before we get into the recipes, let’s take a look at the two main types of chocolate we’ll be using in our desserts and find out what the specific differences are between them. Dark chocolate contains a higher concentration of cocoa and, most importantly, doesn’t contain any milk or dairy products. Milk chocolate, as its name suggests, involves the blending of cocoa with milk, resulting in a lighter brown color, and a creamier texture when melted.

What does dark chocolate taste like in relation to milk chocolate?

Dark chocolate tends to have a stronger, more bitter taste that somewhat resembles coffee in that it's both fragrant and earthy. Dark chocolate dessert recipes tend to contain less sugar in order to put the flavor of the cocoa at the forefront of the dessert. Milk chocolate, on the other hand, is often sweeter and milder in flavor, making it perhaps easier to pair with other dessert ingredients.

Today we’ll be featuring primarily milk chocolate dessert recipes, but it would amiss if we didn’t include at least one dark chocolate number for you to try out. Bold in flavor, rich in texture, and aesthetically stunning, this Black Russian Rice Pudding Cake is an irresistible dessert option. Featuring Fragrant Texmati® Rice, it blends dark chocolate with the flavor of strong coffee and creamy liquor to create a dessert that’s an aromatic powerhouse. If serving your guests a unique and memorable dessert is what you’re looking to do, then this may well be the dish for you.

Rice Pudding Recipes with Chocolate

When it comes to classic dessert recipes, it’s hard to think of anything more crowd-pleasing than rice pudding. However, if you’re looking to elevate your dessert, why not try your hand at one of these unique interpretations of the humble rice pudding recipe? Not only are they different, but they also deliver their flavor punch using wholesome, natural ingredients.

First up, let’s look at this Mocha Rice Pudding recipe. Using RiceSelect® Sushi Rice to achieve its soft, sticky texture, it’s infused with the flavors of coffee liquor and toasted pecans, while its chocolaty finish is achieved through the addition of milk chocolate chips that delectably melt into the dessert.

Benefits of Adding Pecans to Desserts

Don’t underestimate the power of the pecan. Rich in antioxidants, as well as being a great source of magnesium and fiber, adding pecans to desserts is a great way to turn your sweet treat into something nutritious.

Then, for another rice pudding recipe with chocolate, this Chocolate Hazelnut Rice Pudding is guaranteed to delight your guests. Topped with crunchy hazelnuts, and infused with chocolate hazelnut spread, it’s a rich and creamy dessert that uses ingredients of substance.

Decadent Chocolate Desserts with Almonds

Who ever said that decadent dessert recipes can’t be wholesome? This couldn’t be further from the truth! Our Almond Joy Rice Torte features natural and nutritious ingredients, such as coconut and almonds, to provide you with a dessert you can be proud to serve to your guests. Just as we’ve already seen with our recipes for rice puddings, the addition of nuts to desserts is a simple way to not only add crunch and flavor but also make your dessert dish more wholesome.

Chocolate Muffin Recipe Suitable for Kids

If you’re planning to have families with young kids over, then you’ll need a dessert idea that is suitable for young children with simpler tastes. These Chocolate Butterscotch Chip Quinoa Muffins are the perfect dessert to hand out to kids at your gathering. Made with RiceSelect® White Quinoa, almonds, and eggs, it’s packed with protein and makes for a sweet and nutritious option for kids.

Chef’s Tip

If indeed you plan on serving this recipe to kids, it’s best to use decaf coffee in the recipe.

White Chocolate Dessert Recipe

Finally, to complete your repertoire, here’s a white chocolate dessert recipe with a fruity kick. But what is the difference between white chocolate and milk chocolate? Well, simply put, white chocolate does not contain cocoa, which gives milk and dark chocolate their brown color. It’s also worth noting that it’s typically sweeter. This White Chocolate Raspberry Rice Trifle is a sweet and delectable cold dessert recipe that includes raspberries and almonds. It’s perfect for those looking to provide guests with something that’s more than just a sweet dish to cap off a meal.

At RiceSelect®, we’re all about coming up with dessert recipes that you can feel good about. If you enjoyed learning about these chocolate-themed recipes, our Decadent Dessert Ideas article will change how you approach your dessert dishes forever.