There is something special about satisfying that sweet craving. Whether it brings back a bit of nostalgia or puts a spring in your step, a delicious and decadent treat is sometimes just what I need to finish off a long day or share with family and friends to celebrate.

I’ve put together some of my favorite drool-worthy desserts for any time of year to make your evening or gathering just a little bit more indulgent! Dig in with me whether you enjoy something smothered in chocolate or topped with fresh fruit, I’m sure you’ll find something incredible to enjoy.

Creamy Refreshing Treats

Starting off with a few of my favorite options to cool off with, these are simple enough for warm days and can also be dressed up to finish off an elegant dinner party.

Ice Cream

My go-to summer treat, this homemade Toasted Pecan Rice Cream hits the spot on a hot day. My secret weapon to achieving an extra creamy texture is using RiceSelect® Sushi Rice! The short-grain rice absorbs flavor perfectly, and when simmered with eggs, sugar, vanilla and milk it’s perfect for a stickier and compact texture when blended and frozen.

While this ice cream incorporates toasted pecans, I love to make this my own by substituting other added ingredients before tossing into an ice-cream freezer canister. Try mixing in cookies, fruit, chocolate or anything else you enjoy! When it comes to toppings, try fresh berries, dulce de leche, homemade syrups or chocolate shards for a more elegant touch.


Give your average parfait a homemade touch with this Peach Curd and Raspberry Rice Pudding Parfait. Substitute the store-bought yogurt and granola for a luscious rice pudding recipe, homemade peach curd and fresh fruit!

Adaptable to all kinds of flavors, this dish is great for a stunning dessert that tastes great and looks impressive too. If you’re serving for an event, layer in individual containers of equal size or let your guests make their own.

Silk Torte

Laced with a hint of liqueur, like rum or brandy, each luscious bite of this Arborio Silk Torte is filled with incredible flavor. Made with RiceSelect® Arborio Rice, it offers an extra decadent touch with its rich and creamy texture. Make sure to top with homemade whipped cream and berries for a pop of color.

Rice Pudding

Lightly spiced with just a hint of cinnamon and orange peel, this traditional Rice Pudding recipe is rich, creamy and versatile for any event or evening meal. And, the wonderful thing about this classic, is that it can be adapted with many flavors and for any age of guests.

A few of my favorite varieties include:

Chocolate Lovers

These decadent homemade chocolate treats are sure to satisfy the cravings of even the most die-hard chocolate lover.

Rich Chocolate Cake

With dark chocolate and creme de cacao, this deeply flavored and dreamy Black Russian Chocolate Cake will elicit impassioned reactions with every bite. Made with Texmati® White Rice for extra fluffy texture and soaked in a topping of confectioner's sugar, coffee, and coffee liqueur, you’re guaranteed this cake will never go dry.

Chocolatey Treats

With a hint of coconut this Almond Joy Rice Torte is made with rich chocolate and slivered almonds for a touch of nostalgia for the candy bar in every bite.

Impeccable in creamy chocolate flavor, spoon up a bit of this Chocolate Hazelnut Rice Pudding made with your favorite chocolate hazelnut spread. For a show-stopping presentation, serve in ramekins with toasted hazelnuts, whipped cream and ground cocoa powder or shavings.

Luscious Cheesecake

If you love a good creamy, and ultra smooth cheesecake recipe, I’ve got a great recipe for you. While everyone might have a classic recipe, this Amaretto Rice Cheesecake is a wonderful new take on the traditional version starting with a homemade almond and graham cracker crust topped with a luscious almond flavored liqueur cheese filling.

Prize Worthy Oven-Bakes

Sometimes nothing can beat that undeniable craving for something fresh-from-the-oven and filled with fruit.


Quintessential comfort food, I’ll always have fond memories of rolling pie dough and filling it with all kinds of delicious foods. I love to prepare my own pie dough and have it ready for making different things like sweet galettes, a Key Lime Rice Pudding Pie or individual Apple and Raisin Rice Mini Pies.

Rice Bake

While it might be a fall staple to make apple crisp, I love to make them year round with all kinds of fillings including summer peaches like in this Peachy Keen Rice Bake. The great thing about this recipe is that you can use canned fruit if desired, or freshly sliced seasonal fruit.


With brown sugar, freshly grated carrots, creamy yogurt and RiceSelect® Red Quinoa, these light and fluffy Carrot Quinoa Cupcakes are my favorite spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. To finish them off, I top them with a lovely cream cheese frosting.

With all of these desserts and treats, there is something for everyone! Indulge in your sweet tooth with these elevated dessert ideas using RiceSelect®. For something more savory, why not try an Orzo recipe, a Salmon Risotto recipe or one of our Pearl Couscous recipes. If you like Risotto, you can also cook an Arborio Rice recipe.