Drum roll, please! It’s that time of year again. Awards season is in full swing, Oscar buzz is in the air and everyone is talking about movies! So why not take the opportunity to host your own movie-night viewing party replete with a buffet menu your guests will never forget? RiceSelect® is here to help inspire you with dishes tailor-made for special gatherings such as these. From creative finger food ideas to easy-to-share main dishes to much-loved desserts, RiceSelect® will help you put on a spread that will truly enhance everyone’s experience of this momentous occasion.

Setting the Scene: Movie Night Party Ideas

First off, if you want to make your food party extra special, then here are some fun ways to make your gathering stand out.

Glamorous Gala-Style Cocktail Menu

As your guests are getting settled in, one way to help build anticipation for the night to come is to serve them drinks befitting a prestigious occasion such as the oscars. Whether you're offering wine, beer, cocktails, or mocktails, serve your drinks in Champagne glasses to add some extra glamor to the occasion.

Movie-Themed Games and Activities

Another way to make your night even more enjoyable is to have some movie-themed games prepared. Here are some simple ideas that require very little prep but will add a whole lot of fun to proceedings.

  • Trivia: Test the knowledge of your guests with a Hollywood trivia game. Find out who’s in the know when it comes to all things Hollywood-related.

  • Charades: A party-game classic, why not make charades movie-themed and have your guests act out famous scenes?

  • Playlist: Create a public playlist and invite your guests to add their favorite movie themes and songs.

  • Movie-Themed Costume Party: If you really want to get into the spirit of things, why not have everyone dress up as their favorite Hollywood actor or on screen character? Just don’t be surprised if you have more than one Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia in attendance.

Quinoa Meatball Sliders Recipe Quinoa Meatball Sliders Recipe
Quinoa Meatball Sliders Recipe Quinoa Meatball Sliders Recipe
Quinoa Meatball Sliders Recipe

Get ready for any game day occasion with these Quinoa Meatball Sliders made with protein packed RiceSelect®Tri-Color Quinoa, marinara and mozzarella.

Cheese and Jalapeno Quinoa Cakes with Roasted Garlic and Lemon Aioli

An ideal appetizer, serve these Cheesy Jalapeno Quinoa Cakes made with RiceSelect® White Quinoa alongside a roasted garlic and lemon aioli.

Vegetarian Sushi Rolls Recipe

These Vegetarian Sushi Rolls are rolled to perfection made with RiceSelect® Sushi Rice and packed with tasty flavors!

Finger Foods for Party Platters

Having guests mingle together is a great way to create a warm and friendly atmosphere prior to the screening. That’s why it’s worthwhile adding a finger food dimension to your buffet. As everyone waits in anticipation for the movie to begin, these recipes will surprise and dazzle your guests in equal measure.

Easy-to-Share Salad Recipe

No party or gathering would be complete without a strong salad option. This Pesto Rice Salad is a great option if you’re looking to offer your guests a unique salad experience. Made with RiceSelect® Texmati White Rice and infused with pesto, finely chopped tomatoes, red onion, sweetcorn, and crumbly goat’s cheese, it’s the kind of salad that can sometimes steal the show at parties, so make sure to prepare a large bowl.

Fun and Creative Main Course

Guests will be eager to talk about all things movie-related before sitting down to watch, that’s why fashioning main course dishes that are easy to carry from one side of the room to another is essential. As well as that, it allows them to serve themselves seconds if they feel the need to, which in turn allows you, the host, to relax and take in the atmosphere.

When it comes to the best food to serve at parties, you can’t go wrong with pizza. So, if you’re looking to both satisfy and impress your guests, this Jasmati® Supreme Pizza recipe is a surefire hit. With its crispy RiceSelect® Jasmati® White Rice base, it’s a unique take on a party food classic.

Equally shareable and delicious, this recipe for Southwest Lasagne is another great option for your gathering. Made with RiceSelect® Texmati® Brown Rice, slice it up in smaller portions so that it fits neatly onto party plates and watch it disappear!

How to Keep Food Warm at a Party: Useful Tips

If you’re someone who enjoys entertaining and hosting dinner parties, then it might be worth investing in a few useful utensils to make sure your artfully created dishes stay warm.

  • Warming Trays: These trays come in handy when you want to keep numerous smaller dishes warm.

  • Chafing Dishes: These dishes are particularly suitable for when you’re cooking larger batches.

  • Steam Table: Equipped with separate compartments, steam tables are commonly used by catering services as they allow you to keep multiple dishes warm at the same time.

Buffet-Style Desserts

Finally, to cap off your buffet menu, we’ve got two delectable dessert options that will wow your guests. Served in neat little cups, these Pumpkin-Flavored Spiced Latte Rice Pudding desserts are creamy and delicious. Alternatively, for those who prefer lighter dessert options, this simple yet sophisticated Horchata Recipe is a great way to wrap up your movie night festivities. One thing’s for sure: we all know who the Oscar for best home chef is going to this year!

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