If you’re looking for ways to get the best out of shrimp, then you’re in luck. Shrimp is incredibly versatile so there are plenty of succulent options. You can use shrimp in main dishes, sides, snacks, and appetizers. The versatility of this delicious seafood is great for home chefs on the lookout for new recipes.

What’s more is that shrimp is delicious and works for so many occasions, from midweek meals to weekend get-togethers. In this guide, we’ll go through a few tips and show you 6 different ways of using shrimp with various unforgettable recipes.

Quick Tips for Buying Shrimp

  • Fresh: When buying fresh seafood, make sure to only buy from reputable sources. You can note the quality by its slight firmness and ocean-like smell. Tip: If you spot wild caught shrimp, it may be worth the splurge: wild shrimp is said to be sweeter, firmer, and more flavorful.

  • Frozen: Thanks to IQF – or individually quick freezing – technology, buying frozen shrimp doesn’t mean you won’t get that fresh flavor you’re craving. As shrimp are individually frozen, they won’t stick together when you measure them out for your recipes. What’s more, you can choose from unshelled, talil-on, tail-off or completely cleaned shrimp.

  • Cooked: When buying cooked shrimp, you’ll want it to be pink and firm, with a fresh scent that isn’t potent. It absolutely mustn’t be slimy or mushy. You should also make sure the packaging is sealed, and that there are no holes in it. Don’t forget, it’s worth checking the expiration date.

Quick Tips for Cooking Shrimp

  • Cook shrimp on high heat. It usually takes around 2-4 minutes to cook, but the flame must be turned up. High heat in a short amount of time gives shrimp that irresistible juiciness and tender texture.

  • Add seasoning. There are plenty of incredible flavor pairings to choose from including lemon, pepper, garlic, and cajun spices and more.

  • Try different methods. Shrimp can be cooked a number of ways including sautéing, broiling, or deep-frying. We’ll take you through some of our favorite ways to get the most flavor from your shellfish!

Now, let’s dive right into those shrimp dishes that make for unforgettable meals!

1. Make Salads More Satisfying

Tossing shrimp in salad is a great way to combine seafood with greens for a satisfying effect. One way to do this is by making a Couscous and Shrimp Salad with Garlic Dressing - a dish that’s filling and packed with flavor. This elevated dish contains cooked shrimp, so it’s an easy way to dip your toes into cooking with crustaceans. Plus, it’s packed with herbs and vegetables making it surprisingly hearty and full of goodness.

Asian food lovers may take a liking to this Thai-inspired alternative, our Shrimp Salad with Bangkok Rice Recipe, which uses aromatic Jasmati® Rice, basil and coconut milk. This dish is even more enjoyable with a side of peanuts.

For a different take on the classic Thai Shrimp salad, home chefs can turn to this Spicy Thai Shrimp Salad Recipe. This gives you an opportunity to try your hand at cooking frozen shrimp. Note how readily the boiled shrimp absorbs that chili-lime dressing, and what the shrimp doesn’t soak up, RiceSelect® Jasmati® Rice will.

2. Mix it in Creamy Risotto

Speaking of the Italian-style recipes, shrimp plays its part in many traditional dishes, especially risotto. In order to make risotto, you’ll need rice that cooks up softer than other grains. RiceSelect® Arborio Rice is the perfect ingredient to elevate your dish: its starchy profile gets the creaminess just right for whatever risotto recipe you’re preparing.

Looking for a simple shrimp plate to serve as your next get-together? This Shrimp and Pea Risotto Recipe is sauteed in garlic and onion, then simmered in broth to enhance flavor.

Or perhaps you’d like to discover this flavorful Cilantro Cream Risotto with Shrimp Recipe made by mixing rich ingredients such as parmesan cheese, green onion, and tomatoes, with RiceSelect® Arborio Rice. The chopped shrimp ensures that you get juicy bites with every forkful!

3. Cook Up an Unforgettable Seafood Rice Bowl

In search of a delicious lunch? Shrimp with rice is an irresistible combo for seafood lovers. For maximum flavor, leave your shellfish in a marinade before sautéing. With this Jerk Shrimp Quinoa Bowl With Thai Slaw Recipe, you can enjoy the gratifying flavors and attractive colors of this Caribbean and Thai fusion dish.

When the sun doesn’t go down till late, firing up the grill is a great way for a home – or backyard – chef to refine his or her culinary skills. With its mix of grilled shrimp, summer corn, and Italian shredded cheese over a bed of fluffy Texmati® White Rice, this Summertime Shrimp and Rice Bowls Recipe a great accompaniment to the warm and pleasant evening.

Shrimp Grilling Tips:

Skewering shrimp is an ideal way to add more taste to texture before you start grilling.

Skewer: Whether the skewers are wood or metal, both do a fine job.

Size: Choose large shrimp and make sure they’re well-peeled.

Seasoning: Brush on a marinade of your choice such as olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice, for added flavor.

Cook Time: Grill the skewers over medium heat for 2.5-3 minutes per side, being careful not to overcook. Remove the shrimp once it turns pink: this means you’ve reached a tender texture.

4. Use Shrimp in Asian Inspired Recipes

Some of the best shrimp recipes in the world come from Asian cuisine. For that reason, it’s impossible to leave out Asian inspired recipes from our succulent shrimp recipe ideas. This Shrimp Finger Sushi Recipe can be made at home in the kitchen with RiceSelect® Sushi Rice.

For something a little more exquisite, but also straightforward, try out this Spicy Salmon and Avocado Tower Recipe. This stylish blend of aromatic Jasmati® Rice, salmon, avocado, onion and cilantro is topped with jalapeño dressing.

Quick Tips for Tower Recipes

  • Use a Firm Base: The more solid ingredients should go at the bottom, with the softer and lighter components on top. This helps to keep the tower intact.

  • Diversify the Layers: Ideally, you should have different kinds of foods with different textures stacked on top of each other. Towers are all about variation and presentation.

  • Finish in Style: Whether you add a nice garnish or some decoration, the topping should leave an impression. This means adding something on top like you would a star on a christmas tree. Try a drizzle of chocolate, a dusting of powdered sugar or a sprinkle of edible flowers.

5. Make Mouthwatering Mediterranean Meals

Shrimp is also an integral part of traditional Spanish cuisine, particularly when it comes to their national dish. Here you can learn how to whip up an Easy Paella Recipe, a dish that’s ideal when cooking for large groups of friends or family.

Paella is rich in ingredients with hints of sweetness from the tomatoes, and nuttines from the saffron, with extra moisture and flavor coming from the olive oil. The Spanish typically cook their famous dish in a large and shallow pan known as a paellera, but you can make do with a large frying pan – one big enough that rice can be spread out in a thin layer.

The Socarrat Secret

The key to a delicious paella is perfecting the socarrat – that layer of crunchy savory crust found on the bottom of the paella pan. How do you get this irresistibly crispy rice? There are two tried and true methods:

  1. During the last couple minutes, simply turn up the heat (and don’t stir!).

  2. Alternatively, during those last few minutes, remove the pan from heat to let the rice absorb the remaining water. While the rest of the rice continues to cook, the hot bottom of the pan caramelizes the bottom layer.

Although couscous originated on the other side of the Mediterranean, in Morocco, it continues to make its way into popular dishes from other cuisines, as it has done here in this Italian-inspired Shrimp Scampi with Pearl Couscous Recipe, sauteed with buttery garlic shrimp.

5. Quick and Easy Shrimp Sensations

One of the great things about shrimp and rice combinations is that they’re often easy to make and require very little of your time. So if you’re on the go, but need to sneak in a quick and easy meal, RiceSelect® has the following shrimp fixes for you.

A great option is this Jasmati® Fried Rice Recipe, which combines snow peas, soy sauce, and shrimp with chicken, or pork. In fact, fried rice is the best way to repurpose leftover rice is by stirring together a simple yet satisfying fried rice. With RiceSelect® Jasmati® White Rice, you can bring an enticing scent, splendid texture, and distinct but subtle flavor to the table.

If you get your hands on fresh shrimp, give this Shrimply Delicious Texmati® Rice Recipe a go. Served with Texmati® White Rice and enhanced by the flavors of crushed garlic, green bell pepper, minced onion and more, this dish is sure to dazzle.

For a spicy shrimp sensation with southern style, make Shrimp Jambalaya with Royal Blend® Rice Recipe. Typical of Louisiana, this dish includes onion, bell pepper and celery - the Holy trinity of Cajun and Creole cooking. These three ingredients are often diced and sautéed together, and used a base for gumbos, stews, and other recipes such as our jambalaya. The onions give a pungent and sweet taste, with a slight crunch coming from the bell peppers, and the celery adds a grassy tinge. Once all the soup is infused with all that flavor, stir in the shrimp — once you notice that the crustaceans start to curl, take one out to check if the middle is still translucent — if it’s pink, it’s ready to be served!

Whether you prefer salads, seafood bowls or Asian recipes; or Mediterranean meals, creamy risotto or quick and easy dishes, you have a world of options. So if you already have shrimp in the freezer, don’t let them sit there. Grab a couple of ingredients including your favorite RiceSelect® variety, follow one of our recipes, and make the most of those succulent shrimp.