When it comes to versatility in the kitchen, few ingredients can champion ever-versatile rice grains. Seemingly humble, this pantry staple is found in many varieties and is key to a myriad of classic dishes around the world: Italian risotto to South American rice and bean dishes all the way to Iranian tahdig. While I love mastering traditional dishes, there are times when I am feeling adventurous and look for new ways to use my go-to kitchen items.

I challenge you to step outside of the box with me and try some of my absolute favorite recipes using rice in new ways! Starting with breads to alternative burger buns and even ice cream. Make sure you’re stocked up to try these unexpected recipes!

Which Rice Should I Use?

As I mentioned previously, there is an exciting amount of rice varieties available around the world. And, while I may not be able to try them all, there is one rice brand that makes all kinds of new options more available — RiceSelect®. While they do carry classics like Arborio Rice, and exclusive varieties and blends, they also offer some of the world’s most exceptional rice like Premium Black Rice and Kamalis™ Intensely Fragrant Jasmine Rice.

So, it’s all a matter of getting creative in the kitchen and trying any one of their options! Now, let’s get into some of my favorite recipes.

Baked Goods With Rice

When you think of rice, you may imagine an appetizing bed of steaming white rice, but this ingredient offers much more than that. One reason that I love to add cooked rice into my baked goods is that it adds a unique and delicious layer of flavor along with a subtle chewy addition. Fill your home with incredible aromas and try my favorite bread and pizza dough recipes, and more!

Using Rice in Bread

The combination of whole wheat flour with nutty brown rice as well as a dash of brown sugar and milk give this Texmati Brown Rice Bread the ideal home baked bread texture and flavor.

If you’re looking for something less airy and a bit more chewy, try this Cheese and Onion Quick Bread made with Jasmati® Rice. You can also add in their whole grain variety if desired for a bit more of a nutty touch.

Pizza Crust

Making your own pizza crust can be simple, delicious and naturally Gluten Free. I’ve tried many before, and this Jasmati® Rice pizza crust recipe is bar none the best. Pile on your favorite toppings – customized to your diet – and enjoy!

If you prefer a more doughy option, closer to traditional pizza crust made with wheat flour, try this Mushroom and Pancetta Pizza with quinoa added in for extra protein.

Breakfast Rice Pancakes

There is something special about a short stack of good-old fashioned fluffy pancakes or waffles for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! Drizzled with syrup and topped with a pat of butter, it can actually be quite simple to make them from scratch at home using pantry staples. In fact, you can even use rice to make them!

Try two of my favorites for a Saturday morning breakfast:

Muffins Cakes and Cupcakes

Rice & Shine Muffins Recipe Rice & Shine Muffins Recipe
Rice & Shine Muffins Recipe Rice & Shine Muffins Recipe
Rice and Shine Muffins Recipe

With a little honey and buttermilk, these warm Rice and Shine Muffins will sweeten up your morning made with RiceSelect® Jasmati® Rice.

Carrot Quinoa Cupcakes Recipe

These Carrot Quinoa Cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting are extra light and fluffy made with RiceSelect®Tri-Color Quinoa.

Black Russian Rice Pudding Cake Recipe Black Russian Rice Pudding Cake Recipe
Black Russian Rice Pudding Cake Recipe Black Russian Rice Pudding Cake Recipe
Black Russian Rice Pudding Cake Recipe

With rich dark chocolate, coffee liquor and creme de cacao, this decadent Black Russian Rice Pudding Cake is extra fluffy made with Texmati® White Rice.

Using Rice in Burgers

Rice can be the perfect alternative to breadcrumbs in something like a delicious Porky-Pine Meatballs recipe.

Or, it’s also an ideal ingredient in place of meat and beef in grain and vegetable burgers. These hearty veggie,rice and black bean burgers are completely vegan and loaded with filling and plant-based ingredients. And, with our homemade BBQ spice rub blend, this dish is one that both meat-eaters and vegans alike will be craving!

It’s hard to resist cooking over an open flame on the grill, especially when grilling season comes around! These Mexican Rice and Bean Burgers with chipotle peppers in Adobo Sauce are an incredible way to impress your guests along with other grilled dish ideas.

Alternative Rice Burger Bun: One account of its stickier texture, RiceSelect® Texmati® White Rice can be used as a Rice Burger Bun too! Try it out for yourself to really enjoy something new.

Sweet Treats Made with Rice

Festive Rice-Nog Pudding Recipe

Try this delicious and Festive Rice-Nog Pudding recipe to add a bit of cheer to your holiday get-together and a show-stopping dessert to your table.

RiceSelect® Crème Brûlée Rice Pudding Recipe

With a crunchy caramelized sugar topping, the decadent and delicious Crème Brûlée Rice Pudding is made with aromatic Jasmati® Rice, vanilla, sugar and cream for a dessert to impress.

Toasted Pecan Rice Cream Recipe Toasted Pecan Rice Cream Recipe
Toasted Pecan Rice Cream Recipe Toasted Pecan Rice Cream Recipe
Toasted Pecan Rice Cream Recipe

Reminscent of weekends at grandma's, this Toasted Pecan Rice Cream recipe is made with RiceSelect® Sushi Rice for an extra creamy and flavorful touch.

Lastly, end your meal on a sweet note and prepare something tasty and sweet with rice using these irresistible dessert options.

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