There is something special about starting the day with a decadent and delicious breakfast or brunch. Whether you’re catching up with family and friends or taking a much needed breath of fresh air by yourself, a morning meal is always a welcome way to get the day going. And while restaurant options can be lovely, for foodies and home chefs like myself, it seems to come naturally to share our love of food at home with guests.

It brings me joy to see the delight on everyone’s faces when they indulge in my home cooked dishes for a holiday morning meal or a special day that celebrates someone such as Mother’s Day! Give the gift of delicious food by preparing a splendid and lavish spread for someone close or pamper yourself with a few of your favorites.

Elevated Meal Spread

Toast and fried eggs can work wonders for a quick weekday breakfast, but the weekend can be a great time to really unleash your culinary excellence with a bit of sweet, savory, and salty tastes. Try any one of the delicious and elevated breakfasts or brunch ideas, because after all, what better way to show others you care about them than with a well-deserved meal like a sumptuous breakfast or brunch? Start by setting the mood with jazzy music, colorful ingredients, simple decorations, delicious aromas, and get cooking!

Deluxe Pancakes and Muffins

Short Stacks of Goodness

Classically all-American, a tower of fluffy pancakes or crisp waffles topped with fruit, a dusting of confectioner’s sugar and maple syrup is a must on any breakfast table. My challenge is always to find new ways to enjoy traditional dishes, so I’ve made mine without wheat flour! Using alternative flours and RiceSelect® Rice I was able to achieve that signature texture and amazing new flavors.

These Cinnamon Applesauce Pancakes are made with RiceSelect® Texmati® Brown Rice, coconut flour, rice flour, and other pantry ingredients like baking powder. I like to serve these pancakes stacked and make them extra decadent by topping with homemade apple cinnamon butter and sautéed apple slices. If you prefer the crunch of a waffle, try these Banana Rice Waffles using tapioca or potato flour, RiceSelect® Jasmati® Rice, and mashed banana.

Serving Tip: When I host brunch for special occasions like Mother’s Day, I like to create a pancake or waffle board so that everyone can choose their favorite toppings. I make a display of fresh fruit, chocolate chips, syrup, homemade sauce, and any other fun ingredients.

Scrumptious Muffins

Another great way to start your day off is by filling your kitchen with the comforting aroma of deliciously fresh-baked muffins. My go-to variety are these Rice and Shine Buttermilk and Honey Muffins that I serve with butter and jam. If you want to add dried or fresh fruit for a fruity touch, try these Cranberry Quinoa Muffins with brown sugar, dried cranberries, honey, and RiceSelect® White Quinoa for an extra fluffy texture and a protein punch.

Recipes with Eggs

Classic Combinations

Filling and protein-packed, eggs are perfectly versatile in a wide variety of dishes. Starting with a classic combination of eggs and bacon, this luscious and creamy Bacon and Egg Risotto is made in an Instant Pot. I like to use my kitchen appliances to my advantage for any meal of the day, so make sure to take a look for tips on how to cook arborio rice in the Instant Pot!

If you prefer a veggie-forward egg breakfast, this Breakfast Rice Scramble from Maegan Brown @TheBakerMama, is made with fresh spinach, grape tomatoes, green onion, avocado, and RiceSelect® Texmati Rice.

International Inspired Eggs

On special occasions like Mother’s Day, to truly wow my guests, I often add one new dish to the table that will really surprise their taste buds! These international options are ideal for adding extra heat or savory flavor.

Our first dish travels smoothly from breakfast to dinnertime. Try this Japanese Fried Rice Omelet, often referred to as omurice. This fusion of flavor combines a western omelet and Japanese fried rice to make an incredible umami taste.

I always like to add a kick of heat to my morning with this Mexican Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Bowl. With a base of seasoned RiceSelect® Texmati® White Rice, this rice bowl is topped with beans, pico de gallo, avocado, eggs, tortilla matchsticks, queso fresco, and jalapeños.

Unlike traditional frittatas, this oven-baked and Italian-inspired Quinoa Frittata is filled with spinach, Cheddar cheese, ham, and fluffy quinoa for extra texture, protein, and taste.

Sweet Breakfast Grain Bowls

I find that I can enjoy the benefits of a morning breakfast bowl, even more, when I switch up the grain! Swap your average oats out for new tastes and textures like couscous, quinoa and rice. For a nice Mother’s Day treat, adapt the bowl ingredients to your guest's preference.

This refreshing Breakfast Couscous Bowl is a great way to start the day. It’s beautifully mixed with honey, butter, orange flower water, vanilla, orange zest, cinnamon and cardamom. For incredible flavor and presentation, I fold sweet dates in and top with orange segments, pomegranate seeds, almonds and creamy yogurt!

While this bowl is made with Moroccan couscous, for a change I sometimes use slightly larger pearl couscous. Learn how to cook Pearl Couscous for the perfect base in our guide to couscous varieties.

There is beauty in simplicity sometimes and using the natural flavor of ingredients. With apples, quinoa, water/milk, cinnamon, honey/syrup, and a bit of creativity you can make your own Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa Bowl.

I just love to reinvent classic dishes like oat porridge into something sweet and hearty like this Colombian Rice Porridge, similar to an Arroz con Leche, or rice pudding. Lauren Arboleda (@FoodFromTheHeart) makes this dish with a base of Jasmati® Rice, coconut milk, cinnamon, dates, and vanilla for a warm and comforting dish to share.

Fresh Fruit

There is nothing like fresh fruit in the morning, and I try to find clever ways to showcase my favorites in new ways. Add a pop of color to your table by serving each guest a small layered Peach Curd Raspberry Rice Pudding Parfait. It’s an elegant way to serve your fruit and offer a personalized touch.

Kickstart your day with an impressive meal spread that will make your guests and you feel special. Enjoy any one of these delicious dishes using RiceSelect® for a special holiday like Mother’s Day and celebrate the special women in your life. For a few more savory brunch ideas, take a look at their other fresh orzo recipes or a shrimp and rice salad in the recipe section!