For those who are passionate about food, meals are viewed as experiences that should be shared. Hosting an event that your guests will be talking about long after the plates have been cleared is the perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of creating something unforgettable, it’s time to take your table settings up a notch. Every professional chef knows the importance of presentation. After carefully curating a holiday menu, a chef’s greatest joy is watching guests enjoy their creations to the fullest.

RiceSelect® makes sure you get your table in perfect order – these plating and table setting tips will help you get every facet just right.

Select a Serving Strategy

First things first, select a serving plan. Is there going to be an appetizer or buffet table? Will you and a helper be plating each course? Having a long dining room table with plenty of space for both guests and dishes is a dream come true for every host. However, like every professional chef knows, learning how to work within the constraints of your kitchen and dining room is just another art to master.

Build a Bowl

Those with small spaces can rejoice with the popularity of charcuterie boards. Simply throw a tablecloth over a cabinet or a folding table and let guests line up to build their own bowls with a versatile base like RiceSelect® Texmati® White Rice.

Pre-Portioned Sides

Stuffed veggies are as delicious as they are convenient. Home chefs can easily gauge servings and guests can easily grab snacks! Whether you’re hosting a party in which people will be mingling with apps or you have many guests and want to expedite the serving process, these Wild Rice & Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms are perfect for either occasion.

Stuffed Vegetable Recipes

Orzo stuffed zucchini Orzo stuffed zucchini
Orzo stuffed zucchini Orzo stuffed zucchini
Orzo-Stuffed Zucchini Boats Recipe

Made with RiceSelect® Orzo, this stuffed zucchini boats recipe is a wonderfully fresh and filling veggie-forward meal made with quality ingredients.

Couscous Avocado Boats Recipe Couscous Avocado Boats Recipe
Couscous Avocado Boats Recipe Couscous Avocado Boats Recipe
Couscous Avocado Boats Recipe

Serve up spontaneous brilliance with these clever and delicious Couscous Avocado Boats, perfect for a tasty side or appetizer.

Couscous Stuffed Roasted Tomatoes Recipe

These meat-free roasted tomatoes are stuffed to perfection with RiceSelect® Couscous, herbs and feta cheese for an incredible dish bursting with flavor.

Pre Portioned sides aren’t limited to stuffed mushrooms and vegetables, skewers make for great dinner party recipes! Try these Vietnamese Inspired Lemongrass Chicken Skewers with Jasmati White Rice & Nuoc Cham by Lindsey Baruch (@LindseyEats). If you are looking to serve up some pasta, these ​​Beef Kabobs with Parmesan Orzo never fail to please.

Dishes to Pass

When dishes have a uniform consistency, they are ideal to pass around the table. This includes sides like this Asiago Roasted Garlic Rice or a Classic Italian Risotto made with our foolproof Arborio Rice.

Risotto Recipes

Pesto Chicken Risotto Recipe

Made with fresh homemade basil pesto and tender chicken, this creamy risotto is a comforting and refreshing meal. For best results, use RiceSelect® Arborio Rice crafted perfectly for Italian-style dishes...

Creamy Mushroom Risotto Creamy Mushroom Risotto
Creamy Mushroom Risotto Creamy Mushroom Risotto
Classic Mushroom Risotto

Bring Italian tradition to your family’s holiday table by whipping up this traditional Mushroom Risotto recipe by Abby Krueger at @thebalancedwhisk. Top with sliced sun-dried tomatoes and a dollop...

Curry Risotto with Baked Salmon Recipe

Creamy curry risotto serves as a gorgeous base for crispy baked salmon in this crowd-pleasing meal. Prepare for a weeknight dinner or as a delectable date night meal.

Picture-Perfect Plating

For a home chef, getting the plating just right is almost as rewarding as that first bite! While the dishes above have a uniform consistency, some recipes need to be plated in order to ensure that each guest gets all the ingredients as well as the wow-factor presentation. From impressive starters like this Green Goddess Pearl Couscous Salad to this vibrant Instant Pot Braised Short Rib, make sure your masterpieces are fully appreciated!

After curating the perfect menu, you’ll want to make sure that guests can properly enjoy each dish to its fullest.

Set Out Proper Utensils

Consider these utensils when you’re selecting your recipes.

Soup Spoons: After carefully selecting what to stir into your soup, you want each bite to be loaded with ingredients. No matter if you’re ladling out Lemon Chicken & Orzo Soup or Creamy Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Rice Soup, be sure to lay out soup spoons!

Chopsticks: From sushi to RiceSelect® Texmati® Filipino Fried Rice, chopsticks bring an authentic touch when serving Asian-inspired meals. Lay the chopsticks horizontally on the dish, closest to the diner, with the heads, or tops, on the right side.

Steak Knives: Butter knives are for precisely that — butter. No matter how tender your Royal Stuffed Pork Loin may be, you want to be able to cut through it with ease.

Fish Knives: It’s likely not often that you get a chance to break out those often overlooked knives. A fish knife has a curved edge, allowing a diner to easily separate the skin from the flesh in entrees like this Wine Poached Halibut. If you’re serving a whole fish that still has bones, the sharp point on the end proves quite useful.

Lobster Picks: Unless you’ve already scooped out the lobster meat for recipes like this Summer Lobster Corn Risotto, you’re going to want to set lobster picks. You want your guests to know that this Tri-color Pearl Couscous langoustines tastes as decadent as it looks!

Side plate: Some of your guests may not want to keep the discarded shells on their plates, keep side plates handy when serving dishes like Seafood Risotto.

Dessert Spoon / Fork: As it’s the final course, a dessert utensil should be placed directly next to the plate on the left before something like this decadent Crème Brûlée Rice Pudding

Garnish and Dips

A splash of citrus can add a zesty, refreshing taste to seafood, or it can be useful to help mellow out spicy dishes. Leave plenty of lemon wedges when serving Crab Cake Arancini and other seafood recipes. Cut up limes for tacos and Thai Pork Larb & Rice Salad Wraps.

Speaking of finishing touches, don’t forget about delicious dipping sauces! If you don’t have enough small condiment cups, leave generous portions of sauces and a spoon within reach. After all, these crispy Sausage & Sage Arancini taste even better with the sweet and spicy creamy dip!

The possibilities of creating something unforgettable are limitless; RiceSelect® just makes things a little easier by helping you effortlessly get perfect rice every time. From everyday dishes to cooking for guests, there’s always something new to try out in the kitchen, so follow @RiceSelect for the latest tips and recipes!